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Why I Ride… 31 give their reasons

on June 4, 2012

In case you missed them (like me) the League of American Bicyclists ran a new daily blog from a different cyclist every day in May, National Bike Month.  Each one comes from a very different perspective of bicycling and are fascinating reads, but I’ll highlight two that jump out at me as I’ve met both authors and have a LOT of respect for both of them.  One I work with shoulder-to-shoulder year round to help remember and honor bicyclists who’ve been hit and killed or seriously injured while riding AND to work on different ways, ideas, strategies to help reduce and hopefully one day eliminate the carnage from our roadways that bicyclists suffer.

Chris Phelan, founder of the Ride of Silence

Chris Phelan, founder of the Ride of Silence

…It was late morning and everything was normal. He was well on his way to riding another 20,000 miles that year on his bike, a number that was numbing to other cyclists who thought getting in 2,000-5,000 miles for the year was outstanding. But not Larry. This was another normal day, and ride, for him. But Larry was anything but normal to those who knew and loved him.  Read full blog post here….

Grant Petersen, photo by Martin Sundberg

Grant Petersen, founder of Rivendell Bicycle Works, chief designer for Bridgestone USA (back in the day)

I ride a bicycle because…

I want to get around on a vehicle that weighs less than I do.

I’d rather be a bicycle rider than envy them.

I like to sweat a little, not a lot, every day, and riding is my favorite way to sweat.

I never find money and tools on the road when I’m in a car, but I do when I ride my bike.  Read full blog post here….

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