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Celebrate the “love of bicycling” in May

Celebrate your love of bicycling in May


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There are many bicycling events coming up in the Month of May, as it is National Bike Month here in the United States. These include:

In addition, there are many state and local activities each week throughout the month. One of the most important here in Michigan is the Lucinda Means Advocacy Day at the State Capitol on Wednesday, May 21st.

I have personally participated in three of the national events listed above and have found them very rewarding. In particular, the Ride of Silence is one of the most emotional and solemn activities one could ever participate in. We must never forget that May is the time to…

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Regional Active Transportation Gathering on June 20, 6-8 p.m., 1213 Center St., Lansing

On Wednesday, June 20, 2012 6-8 p.m. , the Mid-Michigan Active Transportation Coalition will host a lively dialogue about active transportation issues in the Tri-County area.  This is the kick-off for a series of quarterly forums over the next 3 years as part of the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability and funded by the HUD grant received by the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission.  Working with issues and solutions defined at a similar forum held last November, 2011, the group will exchange ideas to overcome obstacles and make new progress on improving the bike/walk climate in the Greater Lansing area.  Specific areas of interest for this meeting include generating positive press relating to bike/walk  programs and projects and how to impact the state’s transportation planning process.  The meeting will be held at the Michigan Fitness Foundation, located at 1213 Center St. in the Old Town neighborhood of Lansing.  Registration for this meeting is online at

The Agenda is:

MDOT presentation on the State Long Range Transportation Plan (purpose, process, and impact)

Generating Positive Press : Barb Lezotte Miller, Lezotte Miller Public Relations, “Tips for Creating a Buzz”

Round table discussion: What current events and issues could we highlight and how?

Participant Updates

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Bike Advocacy Day 2012 Wrap-up

Bikes lined up in front of the State Capitol for Bike Advocacy Day

Bikes lined up in front of the State Capitol for Bike Advocacy Day (by T. Potter)

Nice write-up by the LMB staff about the 2012 Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day event a couple weeks ago.  Some good pics in there too of a couple of our members, like Mike Unsworth receiving his Advocate of the Year award.  Have a look!  Read full report here…

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Why I Ride… 31 give their reasons

In case you missed them (like me) the League of American Bicyclists ran a new daily blog from a different cyclist every day in May, National Bike Month.  Each one comes from a very different perspective of bicycling and are fascinating reads, but I’ll highlight two that jump out at me as I’ve met both authors and have a LOT of respect for both of them.  One I work with shoulder-to-shoulder year round to help remember and honor bicyclists who’ve been hit and killed or seriously injured while riding AND to work on different ways, ideas, strategies to help reduce and hopefully one day eliminate the carnage from our roadways that bicyclists suffer.

Chris Phelan, founder of the Ride of Silence

Chris Phelan, founder of the Ride of Silence

…It was late morning and everything was normal. He was well on his way to riding another 20,000 miles that year on his bike, a number that was numbing to other cyclists who thought getting in 2,000-5,000 miles for the year was outstanding. But not Larry. This was another normal day, and ride, for him. But Larry was anything but normal to those who knew and loved him.  Read full blog post here….

Grant Petersen, photo by Martin Sundberg

Grant Petersen, founder of Rivendell Bicycle Works, chief designer for Bridgestone USA (back in the day)

I ride a bicycle because…

I want to get around on a vehicle that weighs less than I do.

I’d rather be a bicycle rider than envy them.

I like to sweat a little, not a lot, every day, and riding is my favorite way to sweat.

I never find money and tools on the road when I’m in a car, but I do when I ride my bike.  Read full blog post here….

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A Tale of Two Stores

(repost of blog by MMATC member Rick Brown)

For the most part, I will let the following two photographs do the talking. The first picture is from a local Meijer’s store. The second is from the local Kroger store. Both have recently completed major remodeling and renovation projects. From the photos, it is rather obvious that one store cares more about exercise, fitness, good public health, and alternative transportation options. The other…well, I will leave that determination to you. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”   To see the photos go here….

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New Bike and Bike Parking at Tri-County Regional Planning Commission

The new bike racks outside the TCRPC office.

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission facilitates this region’s  transportation planning for a sustainable future and bicycles can be an important way to reduce carbon emissions. Now, they are wheeling forward with a ‘green fleet’ for their new office location. Clients and staff of the Commission can enjoy newly installed bike racks and use the office bicycle for errands in the area!  

Susan M. C. Pigg, CEcD
Executive Director

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
Planning for People in the Greater Lansing Region since 1956

Our office moved so check to make sure your lists are updated! 
 3135 Pine Tree Road, Suite 2C, Lansing Michigan 48911

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How the world’s coolest companies win using bike fleets

A good friend of mine, Kurt Martin, works as a consultant out West for large companies and organizations looking to start or improve their bike programs and facilities.  He just had an excellent article published in “Bay Bikers, the Bay Area’s Bike Blog” which could be inspirational to Greater Lansing area companies and organizations:

A pair of commuter cyclists head to work

A pair of commuter cyclists head to work (courtesy

“In recent years, hundreds of cities worldwide have rolled out bike share programs, putting bikes where people need them for short, fast trips. Now a number of innovative companies including Facebook, Apple, and Google have their own bike fleets to help employees stay mobile….”

Read on here for full details.

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Pedal-powered recycling for those in need

By Rick Brown

The bike collection station volunteers

The bike collection station volunteers – Rick, Bob, Dick and Adrian.  photo by Tim Potter

Saturday morning (4/28/12) I was honored to volunteer for several hours with my friends from MSU Bikes and Share-a-Bike to receive donated bicycles for recycling at the local Spring Recycling Event. Bicycles were just one item, among many, that were being accepted for recycling. Other items included books, phone books, styrofoam, electronics, appliances, and expired medicines. The more traditional recycled goods like paper and plastic are left to twice-a-month curbside pick-ups in the community or the public drop-off sites at the MSU Recycling Center or at Granger in Lansing.

Read on for full article….

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Making sustainable attainable in Greater Lansing

Report by Rick Brown, May 2, 2012

Monday evening I had the honor to join approximately 100 fellow participants, planners, partners, and/or stakeholders from throughout Greater Lansing at a kick-off meeting for the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability at East Lansing’s Hannah Community Center. Partners in the program include the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, Lansing Area Economic Partnership, Michigan State University Land Policy Institute, Michigan Energy Options, the Michigan Fitness Foundation, Greater Lansing Housing Coalition, the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council, and CAM-TV.  Read on for full report….

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Bicycle advocacy in action – “Operation Soft Serve”

MMATC member, Rick Brown, is a heckuva great writer and passionate to boot about issues that many of us follow and advocate for.  His latest post to his blog, Panethos, “Bicycle advocacy in action – “Operation Soft Serve” highlights a new campaign by some enthusiastic MMATC members.  The next time you visit one of the many local ice creameries pls. take the time to let the manager (better yet post to their Facebook page!) know how much you’d appreciate having good bike parking and a table to sit at to enjoy their treats!

Pic of father and son @ Okemos QD - focus of “Operation Soft Serve”

Pic of father and son @ Okemos QD on corner of Grand River and Dobie Rd. – focus of “Operation Soft Serve” by Tim Potter

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